DSC-2753-CROPPED.jpgHello and welcome to - This is the showcase of various works by it's author, website developer for more than 12 years, with many technologies including PHP, ColdFusion, ASP.Net and Java. Various content management systems may be featured in this site, including FarCry, Sitecore, and my own project, StructureCMS.

This site has been created using the StructureCMS XML-based content management system, and is used to test the usability and reliability of various functions and interfaces. Many systems and sub-projects on this site also test out the author's other project, the modules framework.

I am also an avid cyclist and chances are when I'm not in front of the computer or at sleep you'll find me out on the road.

This site is always a work in progress, but feel free to have a look around. The blog has been created using wordpress to test out integration with other systems. Feel free to leave me a message or browse around my other projects.


My name is Joel Cass and I am based in Sydney, Australia. I currently work as a web systems programmer/analyst and focus on three main technologies: ASP.Net, ColdFusion and PHP. I believe in standards-based development and like to build high-quality work with a creative flair.


This area houses various projects that I do in my spare time. Information, including where to download and find documentation are listed. Projects include a Slideshow module for FarCry, a simple framework for building modules in ColdFusion and PHP, and my baby, the StructureCMS content management system.

Latest Items

Modules Framework - ColdFusion

Download the ColdFusion version

Modules Framework - PHP

Download the PHP version.

Modules Framework


Structure CMS

Website content management in its simplest form.

Road Map

Developer Documentation

Flat CMS - Developer Documentation


Documentation about FlatCMS is split into two streams. User, and Developer documentation.

User Documentation

Flat CMS - User Documentation

DotNet HTTP Wrapper for ColdFusion