Structure CMS

This Content Management System (CMS) was created for many reasons. Firstly, it was created to prove a fact: Anyone can write a CMS. Secondly it was created to prove another fact: You don't need a relational database to build a CMS. Why are we using relational databases in the first place to represent what is commonly hierarchical content?

It makes a lot more sense to use a hierarchical database to represent hierarchical content, doesn't it? And there is no more established nor more efficient hierarchical database than the file system (well maybe some are not so efficient).

So this CMS was built to prove that it's possible for one person to build a CMS that does not depend on a DBMS. Furthermore, reducing it's dependencies means that the CMS could be deployed to a range of different devices, from the fully fledged server to a mobile device. The only limitation being that the server must have PHP 5 installed, and have write access to the content directory.

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