IMG-1494.JPGMy name is Joel Cass and I am based in Sydney, Australia. I currently work as a web systems programmer/analyst and focus on three main technologies: ASP.Net, ColdFusion and PHP. I believe in standards-based development and like to build high-quality work with a creative flair. I have various projects that I work on in my spare time, the most established one is my XML-based content management system, StructureCMS. I believe in reusable, easy to understand code and the use of frameworks wherever possible.

I am married to a beautiful wife whom I am very thankful to have by my side. We also met over the Internet back in the days of ICQ. I remember the first time we met I came over to Sydney on holidays and decided not to return to Perth but instead start life anew in Sydney. We are planning for many good times together both in Sydney and around the world.

My favourite hobby at the moment is cycling. Whenever there is free time (and the weather is decent) you'll find me out on the road, whether it be spinning easy in a bunch ride or training hard with a club. Nothing beats the thrill of being out on a bike.

Every now and then I will update my blog with my latest discoveries and stuff that I finally get around to writing about.