I do not gather any information about my website users, other than what they enter into any forms on my website and/or what is submitted by the web browser. Here is a short summary:

Statistical information

This information is gathered using google analytics. Information includes:

  • Source of visit, e.g. search engine, other website, direct entry
  • Browser information, e.g. brand, version
  • Pages visited
  • Keywords entered on the search forms
  • IP address


User-submitted information

This is information you'd be aware of:

  • Comments posted on the blog
  • Contact form submissions

Email addresses etc are not handed over to any third parties. What's the point anyway? There is enough spam in the world


Cookies may be given to you automatically by the systems used on this website. Please note that I am referring to digital "cookies", which are in fact little bits of information shared between my website and your web browser when you are viewing my website. They are not intended to be shared with any other websites. They are also not oven baked, nor tasty in any way.

The cookies are used by google analytics to track what pages you browse on the website. Cookies may also be handed over when you post a comment to the blog, so that your details may be remembered when you post comments to other articles on this website.

Baked Potatoes

Baked potatoes do come from the oven, and just like the cookies they are not tasty, at least not on their own. This site makes no use of baked potatoes, no matter what you may have heard otherwise.

Use of information

I allow anyone to use information on this website for whatever they want, provided that credit is given where it is due. Please provide a source and a link back to my website, e.g. Source:

I give no guarantee to the accuracy or validity of any information on this website, and take no responsibility whatsoever as to how you use it. If you find anything on the website invalid, incorrect, or offensive, please let me know and I will do something about it.