Farcry Slideshow Plugin

This is a plugin that I have created for the FarCry content management system that leverages the cycle jQuery plugin.

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Slideshow in action Slideshow is configured using rules
Slideshow configuration Transitions available
Slide editing interface Slide fields


The plugin installation is simple:

  1. Create the folder "slideshow" beneath the plugins directory of your project, e.g. "/farcry/plugins/slideshow"
  2. Checkout project from to the folder created above. There should be folders "assets", "customadmin", "config" etc in this directory.
  3. Open the /farcryConstructor.cfm file in the webroot. Add "slideshow" to THIS.plugins, e.g <cfset THIS.plugins = "farcrycms,farcrygreybox,slideshow" />
  4. Restart the application
  5. Log in to farcry, go to the 'Admin' tab, then select 'Developer Utilities' from the select box on the left.
  6. Click 'Types', find the type 'jcSlide' and click 'deploy'
  7. Click 'Rules', find the rule 'jcSlideshow' and click 'deploy'

Slideshows are set up on each page using rules:

  1. View site as a logged in user, enable rules
  2. Find a container, click 'add rule'
  3. Select 'Slideshow', and click 'Add'
  4. Configure the rule:
    • Transition: a wide variety of effects are listed. Play around and find a good one.
    • Speed: the total amount of time, in milliseconds, before each new image is displayed
    • Width, Height: the dimensions. Note that the slideshow will be centred using CSS if it is narrower than the page width. Modify the CSS in the "assets/css/slideshow.css" file if you wish to remove the centering.
    • Slides: Add the slides. This is a simple library control.
  5. Save the rule. Things may appear broken. If so, reload the page. You should then see that the slideshow is working

Each slide has the following properties:

  • Title: enter a title for the slide
  • Description: enter a description for the slide
  • Image: Upload an image.
  • Internal link: a dropdown list to link to a page in the current site, mutually exclusive with external link
  • External link: enter an external link. A protocol needs to be specified, e.g. http://, mailto: etc
  • Open link in new window: if set to "yes", links will open in a new window.


Download | Project Home | SVN